Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dearest Netter, Blogger, Viewers of Numerophabetical….As we have started our day in 2010…Kindly welcome our warmth greeting…Wishing All of U….

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010

Hoping All of Us, Living in A Joyful 2010 Life..Amen


GonG Xi Fat Choi

Respectable Readers….

We apologized for being too late in updating this blog…


we lose our creativity…

wordcraftivity..for months…

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we have 2 inaugurations and celebrations…


A Chinese New Year…

Gong Xi Fat Choi….


The Came and Visibility of Solar Eclipse

around islands in Indonesia…


.happY Chinese New Year (lunar year?)….

Gong Xi Fat Choi…

and Happy Watchin Solar Eclipse..

in Indonesia…

HappY NeW Year 2009

Dear Readers….

As We Are Facing A Brand New Year 2009….


wishing U a Best BranD new Year…for your All….

Hoping…this Year…we Are Able to gain success…for ourselves, for our families, and our countries…Amen….

And God Always Keeps Us on Our Tracks…

THe Peace Tracks…Amen……

How Do U Read These….???(1st article)

Indonesians has a given talent or well talented to make some abbreviation or to let the normal/legal abbreviation become the silly ones..

These 2 samples may let you feel ashamed…how we can switch the good idealism to be worst attitude at all…

1. ICRP…Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace. ICRP is one of non government organization try to enlive the interfaith discussion in Indonesia…As a people of Indonesia has a multifaith, so, the crack or heat between faiths are extremely well being…So ICRP try to found a better interfaith understanding between religion in Indonesia.

But…please consider 2 (to) read ICRP with Indonesian Cynism…I…I or I am… C…a replacement of See.  R and P…both read in one word RP is a  name of Indonesia Currency (Rupiah)…

So It’s pity to read the abbreviation in Silly Indonesian Language…ICRP means I see RP (Rupiah) or with this NGO…I will get some wealth (oh GoD Oh No…Oh Yesssss!!!!!!!)

So..the interfaith discussions and projects are PROFITABLE PROGRAMME…for me…it’s sound nice and favorable… What do U think?????

2. MDGs is an abbreviation of Millenium Development Goals (please see detail from  Millenium Development Goals an Ideal conditions of people of every nations or state which declared by United Nations Organization…Indonesian target 2 gain the goals is on year of 2015.

But…Let me   show U, how 2 read this MDGs in Indonesian language… MDGs in UNO’s thought is Millenium Development Goals but in Indonesia…we do read it with this…Mencari Dana (via/lewat) Golongan Sekarat…

The translation in English will be conducted as…Wealth Seeking Via Poverty…at mean…In Indonesia, the supporting MDGs organizations are try to gain wealthy condition of their organizations or staffs with compromising the being of poverty of some Indonesians..

So, no wonder if we see some programs of MDGs in Indonesia, created not from bottom up intention, but totally from Topdown desire (government and bureaucracy lust). Honestly, this debatable…but I do prefer to use Indonesian Abbreviation than the one declared by UNO…what about U????

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Numero – Phabetical….

In our daily life, sometimes we find a word or alphabet substitutes by number. Number can be read in some cases as an alphabetical reading. In Indonesia, there were several cases of this substitution.  My blog is trying to identify, documentating the uniqueness of this substitution.

The replacement of alphabet with number in written expression, in Indonesian  Written Expression shows us the creativity of the user. Not only the user, the reader ought to think twice or three in order to read that expression carefully so meet the writers’ aims.

Below the usual replacement of alphabetical written expression with number written expression in Indonesian language…

A (alphabet)  replaced by 4 (number)

B (alphabet) replaced  by 8 (number) or 13 (with no space between 1-3 or both are wrote tight in hand-written manner)

C (alphabet)  is Roman or Greek Expression for 100 (number)

D (alphabet) is Roman or Greek Expression for 500 (number)

E (alphabet) replaced by 3 (number)

F (alphabet)  replaced by 7 (number)

G (alphabet) replaced by 9/6 (number)

H (alphabet) replaced by 14 (number) but only in hand written expression, the both number (1&4) wrote closed each other

I (alphabet) replaced by 1 (number)

J (alphabet) replaced by 7 (number)

K (alphabet) replaced by 16 (number) but only in hand-written expression the both number (1&4) wrote closed each other

L (alphabet) is Roman or Greek Expression for 50 (number)

M (alphabet) is Roman or Greek Expression for 1000 (number)

N (alphabet) replaced by IV (Roman/Greek Expression), in hand-written expression

O (alphabet) replaced by 0 (number)

P (alphabet) replaced by none (Sorry, I didn’t find the replacement expression yet)

Q (alphabet) replaced by none (Sorry, I didn’t find the replacement expression yet)

R (alphabet) replaced by 12 (number) in hand-written expression the both number (1&2) wrote closed each other

S (alphabet) replaced by 5 (number)

T (alphabet) replaced by 7 (number)

U (alphabet) replaced by none (Sorry, I didn’t find the replacement expression yet)

V (alphabet) replaced by V (Roman or Greek Expression for 5)

W (alphabet) replaced by vv (double Roman or Greek Expression of v for 5)

X (alphabet) replaced by X (Roman or Greek Expression for 10)

Y (alphabet) replaced by by none (Sorry, I didn’t find the replacement expression yet)

 Z (alphabet) replaced by 2 (number)


So, In Indonesian (language) you may find the replacement of alphabet with number such this example :

F 19 HT (the car id of owned by one of most known people in Bogor, West Java

B 217 AN (Berdua Satu Tujuan … in English may translated to a couple with one aim or intend)

4N3d15 (Anti Gadis; or feeling dislike 2 (to) young girl)

and many example will come in future

In some cases, the uniqueness of this replacement not only came from Indonesian Tongue… please consider this one….234 (a well known brand of cigarette) called by Dji Sam Soe (dji, sam, soe came from ji, sa, si…which mean 2,3,4 in Mandarin/Chinese language) or  not 24get (not two/to – four/for –  get) or please remind!!!

Some of these expression may look funny or silly…but it may found outside Indonesia such 5h17 (you may read with Feses) or FU/7U (the simple written expression for …sorry… 7uck U…)

So ..have a nice games (numerophabetical game!!!)


contributions and critiques to this blog are welcome…just put your comment or email me :